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Episode 6 · 4 months ago

Zach's Prem Predictions


This is a Podcast consisting of Zach's Prem Predictions for the upcoming season, tune in because there are some very controversial ones!!1 (make sure you follow us on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)

Hello guys, and welcome to another last minute win a podcasting. Today we are finally back from our absence. We have finally got a microphone and we are back and better than ever, and today we are going to be doing my prem predictions. I'm here on my own today. So yeah, okay, let's get started. So in twenty place I have put Bournemouth. I just think. Sorry about that. I just think that you know, they're transfer activity hasn't been great. They've released Gary K Hill, they have so the sign two players, Ryan Fredericks from West Ham and Joe or Ryan Fredericks is an aging right back, and Joe Wathwell from Blackburn for free, which he was brilliant for Blackburn. But is he premier league ready? That is the question. Ryan Fredericks, we know how good he was in a spell for west ham in t teen. So born as twenty as I don't think they will even come close to competing anyway. Nine here, and I'm just gonna shock loads of people with this. It is leads united. I know I'm going to get a lot of disagreement on this one. I just think, you know, Leeds United. They've lost the two best players in my Funia to Barcelona, Um, and Calvin Phillips to Manchester City. They have done a lot of work in them in the transfer window, but I don't think it's going to be enough. They've signed players like Brendan Harrison, Rasmus Christian son, Mark Rohard, tyler, Adams, Luis Sinistera, who I think is going to have a good season, but I don't think it's going to be an offer lead united. So nine place for them right now. Moving on to eighteenth and it's another the very, very controversial one, and I put Brentford. I Know Brentford. They have Um, they have signed a few solid players, but I don't think it's going to be enough. They have um lost Christian Erickson. Obviously we know the second season syndrome could also hit Brentford. They have signed keen Louis Potter from Hall Ben Leeth and Burnley and Aaron Hickey from Bologna for nine million pounds. But I think we're going to have a good season. But I think they're going to be pipped to the wire by Southampton, who I have put in seventeenth place now. Anyway, guys, am just to button. If you don't agree with any of these. Contact us on social media and twitter, facebook, tiktok and instagram. We are available on there. Okay, moving one now. I've gone with another introversial one, Southampton, who a lot of people would have...

...put in their bottom three. I think that they're just going to air PEP, PEP and making out. They have been busy in the transfer wind. They've signed Gavin Bazuna and Romeo, Romeo Lavia from Manchester City and the big one, Joe Ribo from Rangers. I think it's going to be a worrying season for Southampton. They may be near the bottom for long periods, but I think they will just make it okay. Moving on to sixty and it is the newly promoted site Fulham, who I think are just going to survive as well. It's going to be tight down there in the relegate and in the relegation zone and the relegation battle, but I think forlhamer just going to survive. Here. They have signed Jao Paulina from sporting which looks very exciting, maybe it's full and Bruno Umarez, and they also have signed Andrea Pereira from Manchester United, and we've seen his class over the past a few years, particularly maybe not with Manchester Unitedis he has been going out on loan. But Um, yeah, so six, four Fulham. Okay, moving on Toft. Now this is where I think these teams will be comfortably mid table. I have put Crystal Palace. Now, they they sorry, they have been busy in the transfer window. They have signed Sam Johnston for Free Off West Brom they've also signed Malcolm E B o e from Derby. Sorry if I haven't pronounced his name correct and they also have signed the big one, check Docre A. and I think Crystal Palace are going to have a good start to the season, but they may fall off a little bit. They have exciting attackers like Wilfred Zaha, Michael Alice, Oddson Edouard now Milcolm Mibioa, if he does get game time this season. But yeah, I think it's going to be a mid table finish from Crystal Palace this season. Okay. Moving on to four place, and now I think that that is going to be Wolverhampton Wanderers. They've had a pretty underwhelming window to say the least. But yeah, they haven't signed anybody. They have signed former, anybody special. They have signed former Burnley and Stokes, center back Nathan Collins for twenty five million. They have lost likes of romance size, Fabio Silva on... and Vita to PSG UM. Okay, right, moving on to now. I think now, despite they haven't been very busy in the transfer window. They had a very underwhelming season considering the size of this football club. They've only signed one player in James Tarkowski. In place it is going to be Everton. I do believe that they will have a pretty good season on Um under Frank Lampard. I think he will stay till the end. I think that they are they are brilliant in they are a very big club and they don't belong in sixteenth, where they finished last season. Okay, moving on to one of probably one of them my surprising the M predictions from myself. It is m Nottingham Forest in twelve. Now you're probably all gasping at this now, because that is a very, very bold and very optimistic prediction for the Midlands side. But they have been they have signed, they have done really good in this transfer and, though they need to make it click, they've signed the likes of hey well, our knee from Union Berlin, for eight million. They've signed Dean Henderson. We saw how good he works for Sheffield Sheffield United Three seasons ago. They've also signed the duo Harry Toffelo and Lewis O'Brien Wayne Hennessy, as well for backup, Omar Richards from Bayern Munich, which is a big one, Nico Williams from Liverpool and the big one, Jesse lingard Um, has signed on a free, but for two D K a week. That is unbelievable. They also have loaned out Jonathan Panzo to Coventry, they've released group Lewis grabbing, and they have lost their hero of the playoffs last season, Um Bryce Sambo, who was absolutely phenomenal save three penalties to send them to Wemberley. They also have exciting talents like Brennan Johnson and Alex Mighton, who I wonder if he'll get game time this year. You never now. Okay, moving on to eleven, and now this again is another one, considering they haven't done virtually nothing in this transfer and there they haven't signed any players. And it is Leicester. They I think they've finished round about this place last season, but obviously because they've finished...

...fifth, the two seasons before that. They were a bit underwhelmed at that, but I think it's going to be another mid table finished. They need to start signing players before the Premier League starts next next weekend. Um and yeah, it's not looking good for Leicester Anyway. Moving on to ten than it is the team that beat Manchester United Four mail last season. It is brightened now. They haven't been that busy in the chancellor wonder they're more Lee players leaving at the moment. They have signed Julio N C so, Simon and Dingra and bend the CEO, Baker, ballerty and, but I don't think. I think they're going to have a brilliant season that if they can hold onto mark Kokorea and leandrew tosh hard, I think that a can do bits for them. They need to sign a proper striker, though, I think. Before I think they are looking at a few Um so I'll keep an eye on that, but I am very optimistic form seagules this season and I hope they do well. Okay, moving on to ninth, and it's another one that is very controversial. It's very controversial my predictions in the premier league. It is West Ham United. Now West Ham they have signed NIEF Aguard for thirty five million pounds and also Um for Maloney Afrontariola, they made permanent from PSD. They're signed Patrick Kelly from Coleraeen and Flynn downs from Swansea, the wonder kid there are. Now I think one man settles this. If they can get Philip costitch in, which they are linked with now he is consider are doing the move. I reckon they could easily finished sixth, but I think ninth. Unless they get that done, then I think there's a big chance of it being being sick. They managed to keep hold of Declamys, Thomas Houchuck and Jared Bowen for the moment. But Um, yeah, ninth place for West Ham United. Now Eighth Place now and surprisingly considering all the money they have, they have not had a massive transfer when though they have signed a few players, but it is Newcastle United, as you can probably make out, which I think they are going to finish eighth place. They they have sold Dwight Gail to stoke, who was a fan favorite. I'm excited as a stoke fan too, so he can do they have signed nick pope from Burnley, as Bottman from Leo and Matt Target From Aston...

Villa. I would have thought, considering this would have been the breakout season for Newcastle, I think, if they had made a few bigger signings than Osa. Van Bottman is a big signing for Newcastle. I think that they could easily be finishing top four this season if they had used the money that they that they have um but anyway, moving on to seventh place, and this is again a tricky one. I can either be brilliant and look like a genius here, or completely wrong look like a fool, but I'm gonna say it out there. They have had the second best transfer window this season. They have signed Phelippe Cantinio, Bubbaica, Kamara, Diego, Carlos Robin Olsen from Roma, made permanent, Ludwig Augustinson from severe on loan. Now Philippe Continio, we know him, formerly worth J mill Um. You Know Champions League player Bob Kamara, brilliant from Mars io, Manchester United. We're looking at in Diego Parlos as well, which is a really good signing. On in Newcastle Rafter Him, and I heard Chelsea were rumored. So it was good to see that they managed to pull that signing off and they have lost Matt Target. But I think, I think it's going to be a brilliant season for Aston Villa. This season. Stephen Gerrard is going to take them into places they couldn't well, they wouldn't have ever imagined. Okay, moving on to sixth place. Now, I believe that this is going to be now this, this will annoy a lot of people. Actually, I think that arsenal, we're going to finish six oh my gosh, how dare you say that that? But you know, I don't think that they have had a bigger transfer windows everyone saying. Obviously, I think Jeseus is going to have a brilliant season. I think he's going to score twenty, five or twenty goals and I think he may be top goals during their league. But I don't think it's going to be enough. I think it's going to be an underwhelming season. They've lost Alexander Lacazette, Matteo, Gwen Doozy, they've lost two of two good players. They have signed Zinchenko, who is even going to get in the team past Kar and Tierney? Maybe? They've signed Fabia Ver Aira, which looks to be a exciting signing, but I think that it is going to be an underwhelming signing. Now moving on to fifth. Now this this this is a hard one. You know, you could have Manchester United, Chelsea, maybe even machest city, but I've gone with Tottenham and I know they have had a brilliant transfer window. They have.

Finally, Daniel Levy is signing some players, but I think it's going to be, I've been underwhelming. I think Clement longer a isn't going to be what he promised. I don't think. I think Jed Spence may have a good, um good season and maybe get a move to either Chelsea Man City or maybe brush the adornment after Tottenham have an underwhelming season. I think you raised Basuma may flot Ivan Paris its May not get the game time. You know, you might get a few injuries. He's getting old now. He's dirty four. I think he's thirty three or thirty four. But yeah, I think it's not going to be a great season. I don't I think they might warm into it a bit more, but I think it's going to be no top four for north London anyway. Moving on to fourth, and yet again it's a very controversial one. I've gone with Chelsea. Now, I know they have signed Raheem Sterling, Kali Do Coola Barly, but Um, I think that's who. They've lost, Antonio Rudiger and Romolulukaku. I know he was he wasn't very good last year, but I do believe that Chelsea are going to get into the top four, um, by maybe like five six points. I don't think, Tota, we're going to come anywhere close to Chelsea. I think Chelsea, you're gonna have a shock win against Manchester City or Liverpool, but I think it's going to be these little defeats that they always do against someone like Bournemouth or Crystal Palace that's going to cost them the third spot. And moving on to the third spot. Now this is a controversial one and there's some massive while I've gone with Manchester United. I know people are screaming at me now. They finished sixth last season, which was probably one of their worst seasons in their history. They are supposedly using their best player, Um, but you know, do not underestimate Manchester United. They've got Paul Pogba, they've got their wage budget out, but Manchester United are not done in the transfer window. They've signed an exciting left back, terrise Malasia, from Fayne Hood Christine Erickson, who's going to look to be a good signing, for free. And it is Andrew Martinez for fifty five million. They may have overpaid for him, as he's unproven in the premier league. He's five ft nine as well as a center back, which obviously doesn't matter, because Fabia, Fabia kind of Oar and Carla Pura were two of the best defenders in the history of the game, and he want to Balland or Fabia kind of our and they were under six FT... well. So I don't think that size really matters, um. But I also I also believe that the Frankie Deong, after all the saga, I think it is going to be done. I think they've agreed terms. After I think Javi has admitted that they cannot keep Frankie Deong, as much as they want to, as much as Frankie Deoon wants to stay at the club, but I think even though Franki Deong maybe UN motivated, maybe we wouldn't want to be here maybe the first two months. I think you're warming Um and obviously not even mentioning Eric Ten hag Um. I think he's an absolutely brilliant manager and I think are actually going to struggle without him and I think he's going to do wonders and maybe manchessly united or for a title race for the first time in nearly a decade. Oh No, you know, we finished second. We finished second, but you were miles behind, I think. I think it's fair to me. You were miles behind that you maybe twenty points, seventeen points behind Manchester City in and obviously behind Manchester City the season before last. Now moving on to the top two, the big ones. Now, who am I going to pick? Manchester City or Liverpool in second place? I have picked Manchester City. I know they've signed probably the biggest forward, but I just think that Liverpool have too much. They have signed earling Harland from Dortmund, they've signed Stefan Ortega, Moreno, for free, and they've signed Calvin Phillips, also from Leeds Um. I don't think Calvin Phillips is going to get many games right. I think Harland is gonna have a good season. He's going to be up there with Gabrielle Haye Zeus, but I don't I believe the Liverpool this is Liverpool season. This is the season that Liverpool have been waiting for to finally beat Manchester City after two years of absence from the trophy. Now moving on to my predicted champions. Now let me just saying why I think Darwie Noonez is probably going to finish top goalf scal maybe thirty goals, because I think, you know, it took him a bit of time and I played. He missed an open goal in the four nil lost to Manchester City. By the way, I haven't Manchester United and I don't mentioned that. That is that is a step in the right direction for Manchester United. But I believe that Darwyn noon as he scored four against the Champions League solid Champions League side are be Leipzig, and you know, the goal is a goal. I've seen on social media that people are saying no, like the penalty, maybe the goal you should have saved. Maybe if you shots, tappens, your goals a goal and...

...strikers score goals like that. And if he can score thirty scabby goals this season in Liverpool win the League, I don't think Liverpool fans are going to care very much. So I think Darwin Unez is going to be a very big success for Liverpool. I also think Fabio Carvalio is going to get in the team as well. He has been brilliant in the preseason and he was brilliant against Leipstick and Manchester United, even though he's one of the only players to be brilliant from for Liverpool in that Manchester United Defeat. They have also signed some backup, right back, Calvin Ramsey from Aberdeen, who was brilliant last season. They have lost Saddia, Marney Um and a few of their youngsters like Nico Williams and Rees Williams on loan, Um Divaka Regie, as well their Lord and Savior Um. But yeah, I think, I think that Liverpool are going to bringing her bringing home to Anfield for the second time, Um, in a few years. Anyway, thank you, guys, for listening to this podcast. You can find out more about it on last minute whin a dot net, our website. Follow us on twitter, facebook, Tiktok, instagram, any of them also, maybe, if you're listening on spotify, pod being sounder or a cast, drop us a follow and, yeah, we'll see you guys in a bit. Very soon with another guest.

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