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Last Minute Winner

Episode 4 · 6 months ago

Manchester City Invincibility on the Cards?


Podcast about latest transfer rumours of this week, what do Zach and Henry make of them. De Jong to snub Man U for arch rivals? Where next for Dybala? Ronaldo hinting future at Man U? What do you make of what Zach and Henry say, if you don't agree, let us know on Social Media platforms, and find out more on!

Hello, hello, guys, and welcome to another last minute when a podcast here on the channel. Today I am joined with Henry and we are going to be talking about the football hotel in this week, the latest transfer news. Look to current FA Cup winners, Liverpool, now, out of all the people, to smick ass with the winning penalty, and what an emphatic penalty it was. Did you think he had that in his locker? I don't. I think you that's the reason he came on, actually because he's he's had so many opportunities, so many practices. I think that's what he's ready for me, because ready for it maybe what Saddi Amane could have finished it all off, but that gave Chelsea a sign. It was like England in the final when Pickford save that penalty from Georginia. But it just wasn't meant to be for Chelsea. On that afternoon, Marne may be sucked out by his head by his teammate and maybe he knew, maybe he knew.

Obviously both share the same nation. Both represented Senegal and the Afkhon comper nations, where Sadiomna scored the penalty to win it all. Anyway. And what do you have to make about it. Um. Well, Mendy obviously know Marlin very well. I think he am sorry. I thank you. Is I think he knows mynst pelty technique party well because you know, he scored the winning more penalty for Senegal. But obviously a broad Monday nursing party. Well, now massive update news as we look to our big screen. Frankadoon, as he looked certain to join Manchester United, seems to snub them to go to Manchester City and he's willing to sacrifice a six million wage car. That is amazing because it looked well and done. Yeah, I'M N United.

Obviously could have pushed forward, but you can't hold on to anything but the trying a signd cante. Now that I'n got candy, you know we all know where that's going. HMM, that would be a big one. And can't a Thomas to cle I remember he's getting mad at Canta because you felt that he could have got onto it. Just got muscled off the ball. I think it was Konarte and told to calls fuming. There are two website saying that manunited or looking at Canto. So you know, this could be a next big thing and again there's another one that. Yeah, it looks like pop was going eleven, Dusky and Dusky. Anyway. Talking about Manchester City, that's a really good signing for them. Seventy five million, which in this day and he is a bargain. Now, seventy five million for ARLING Harland. Now he could put the answer so to Manchester City strike...

...of troubles, which have been over a year. But Henry, with only two games left, who do you think's going to win the title? Man City? I've all. I really want them to win. I'm Man United Fan, but you know, it would be it would be so much better for them boll to win his Man City are stopper, unstoppable moment and before Holland. You Know Frankie Deng now as well, and seem to be new players who we don't know yet join Manchester City. They're going to be unstoppable next season. So it would be good full of all to win the title before they lose out right. What are they? Because if you compare frank ad on to a few of the Liverpool players now, I believe that Thiago, I'm for being out, could probably get in the Manchester say sword loads of Liverpool players, I would take over some Manchester City players. Have your...

...say on social media whether you agree with that. Henry. Do you agree with that? Yeah, do actually, because live poor a very strong team. They have some fantastic players. A midfield is brilliant and although Manchester City do have an excellent midfield team, that it would really help if they had some more they field players. Yeah, the yeah, yeah, brilliant and anyway. So moving on to the championship now, and well only touch on the championship, stoke are in the running to sign Tom Lawrence. What assign in that would be the Derby captain? Fifteen goal contributions. It might even be sixteen, seventeen, seventeen goal contributions. I actually think it is, and he was a big part of Derby survival plan. Unfortunately they just missed...

...out. But Anyway, what do you see the future of Wayne Rooney? Honey? I carry I don't know. I have no comment. I don't really look at the championship, but I heard a lot of rumors about way. Really, I'm not sure. Actually, yeah, there were rumors from him tip to Everton, although Frank Lampard is really like help me now. They beat Chelsea. They beat less the three one and maybe they are going to stay up anyway. Speaking of staying up, obviously Nourwich and Watford down. Who Do you think is going to be the thirteen that goes down? There is leads, Burley and ever to another real so spasm. I think leads are gonna be one drops. Actually always thought I thought evitable was a good go out, but obviously not to me. MMM, it's like they're going to stay firm. Eine leads United n't player well at alls. So...

...what does that mean for Refenia? Do you know there's a lot of teams after him? Buy and Munich, I've heard Liverpool. I think Bayern Munich are winning the race at the moment. Where do you think is better for him? Who Do you think he's gonna go for? Or Newcastle? Yeah, I wouldn't be surprisedly goes to Newcastle. I wouldn't be surprised to many high round. First go to Newcastle, because Newcastle are very rich team, and aren't they act in the world? Yeah, let's see Barcelona and for him. Yeah, you know, he's a very talented individual and he's only going to get better because he is only twenty five? Yeah, I'd say bottler ever eye chance spending him. Yeah, but it's it does say are Newcastle United, Jewing, Barce learning in Hunt Assi, Les United, Star with Fenia. Yeah, just shows are labeled as a star, and many lease fans would agree with that. Anyway. Guys, have your say on... media. Twitter, instagram, ticktock, facebook. We're on am are go over to sounder, spotify or a pod being. I do hope this podcast goes on spotify, because I'm Saturdays one didn't. I don't know why we're looking at that anywhere. Guys, thank you for listening to this podcast and we will see you in the next one. To you later.

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