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Episode 10 · 4 months ago

Conbined 11: Arsenal V Manchester United


In honours of tommorows Super Sunday, Zach and Adam debated on a Combined 11 between the 2 teams, make sure to listen to the end because things get heated between the 2. (make sure to follow us on Social Media and to visit our website to find out more)

Hello guys, and welcome to another podcast, and today it is another combined eleven. Last time we did Liverpool Everton, which is currently, I think, halftime. But anyway, we are doing the Manchester United Arsenal combined eleven today. I'm going to be taking the Manchester United side and we are joined with Adam, who's going to be taking the arsenal side. Didn't excuse me, Dad, he's going to be taking the the the arsenal side. All right, let's get go. And who have you got that goalkeeper? Well, you had. You were trying to argue that yesterday that Pickford was better than allison. And the Goalkeeper I've got is Ramsdale, who was way better than Pickford. So first choice Ramsdale, when I have gone with David Dah one of the best goalkeepers in the League. So what hand? PERCENT? Here you go. This is a good one to start and going then back up by ramsdals better than the Hare Wa's Ramsdale hair hasn't got the ability to stop shocks. The ability to is the best stops. Loyalty to his club. is desperate to leave. He just wants to go. A couple of years ago. He's been there for about ten years. How can you say loyalty? You, no one else was there for nine. It might be. For Two of those years he was sat waiting on the Real Madrid car park, his arm saying look at me, look at relegated twice. He's been playing at the top for eight years. Ramsdale was playing in Chesterfield when this guy was winning premier league titles. Premier League titles always good to stay cones. Well done. Oh Yeah, how many Premier Leagues? Allan Ramsdale then? Yet exactly there's not very many. Most of the players, some of the best players on your team, I can see. I don't ever won a premier league title. How many of yours? And Yours won a premier league title. Zero, doesn't get but that's crazy. Is One of the best goalkeepers in the League. Yeah, and Ramsdale is barely the best goalkeeper at his country, to be fair to here. And but you know this move one he's given it right right back. Who Have you gone with? Right with Ben White in the end? Yes, I think you did, and I went with Jodello. Not even a debate. Ben White doesn't even play right back. Yeah, but I can see that you had ben white crossed it out. which team is doing. But have that then I just wanted to keep a nice English backbone, a Nice British backbone and the team. But you know, if you want to go through these fancy diving, cheating foreigners, you go for it. That's a bit out of it. You've got fifty million Harry McGuire right back. He is a beatach Harry McGuire. He was. He got that. Harry McGuire hasn't gone right back to start with and I think that he probably shows up with training not carrying him his wife back because he's fifty million pounds and they have to find a way to put him in, and Gabrian and Saliba are clear with him. You can have dollar, but I think you've opened the door really to the last left sided attackers, whichever team we're playing against, because you know once they get past dollar, they're gonna he's to get past their hair. So...

...if you want to pick a winning team, pick a winning team. If you want to lose, lose. Yeah, alright. Let's move up to the center backs, and this is pretty easy to be fair. All right here. Are you going to put, firstly, center back world, my two center backs, or Gabrielle, who else did I say? Saliba, Saliba? I nearly put cedric down, but that was the wrong cedric, because when we were at the game in Santander and I saw cedric, I thought it was quite a player and then I realized wrong cedric. Yeah, so, yeah, we'RE gonna go for Gabrielle and Salida, I think, just world class center backs. To Saliba. Saliba has had one good season in Legal Lis Andrew Martinez and Raphai have one ro other one has won the Champions League five times. How long ago, exactly, what was that center back part around? comparely, guess, and they getting the getting the team these days. What the last two games that he's been at he when these two have partnership to each other. They let me continued. One goal to the best attack on the world. Mammy, tell what's the second best? To Mario Grays. First, my team of the run. It is criminal for all of them. Poker move and I put and I'll put Lis Andrew and Martinez in. Okay, and I'm going to put Gabrielle. Gabrielle over Bran. Gabrielle. Great, great, great player, but also a very excellent nine in h pop star double threat. The only thing that Gabrielle has got on Bran is he's got a hairline for far back in nineteen fifty. Bran is a what is a Champions League when most of these guys are most of these guys? Would have thought if I was arguing for and say he's a World Cup winner, but this guy got him again. All right, so I play come. Yeah, are you say, as he's saying, Gabriel over the round. That's the plot. This guy. This guy plays alongside William Sully. He's not even that. I Take Williamson April over Gabriel, but they're still not getting name over Van Dyke, not van Dy v get. Yeah, well, you're gonna have we can have one all the other I'm gonna go with Martin Gabria. But I've done now fighting. There is no one I'm still destraught anywhere left back. This one will be a bit closer, I think, and I'm thinking of Conceili, but I'm not going to. I'm putting Malassia and you're putting in here Ko Zinchenko, another one of those people who you say had never won a premier league. Okay, he's play, played, he he was Manchester City. Seventy four choice right, left, back to a million times. Don't. That joke was never funny. Alright, Zinchenko. Who is Cinchenko? He's signed for thirty five million parts. This guy was signed for fifty million or ten million. He's clear. Zinchenko. Arsenal got a bargain. Good business. Don't don't be been lis in Arsenal for a good business. Why hasn't Chenko got the Tye? My lattie hasn't. Well, he's got Z in his name and he's got a Ukrainian passport. So there we go. That's my case. Well, so that's why Zinchenko is better than him, because he has a union crainian passport and he's got a Z in his name. Yeah, I am clear Mohammed Salah. Then I'm better than Mohammed Salah, and I'm better...

...than Christiano Ronalda, because I've got a Z in money. I would agree, better than Christian. Move on, I gave you the Inchenko. That's the last one you're having. Alright, let's get let's get this. Who are you putting in your first central? I don't think in Chenkos and that's while I'll be having, because who you're putting up against Odegard, because Odegard is the Premier League informed player any team. Well, I'm putting a five time maybe not a five to maybe a three time Champions League winner. Should have done my recarch. But Casting Mirro is getting in this team easily. Easily. This guy is actually united team. There's lots of other teams you wouldn't get in. He'd get into every single team in the he's absolutely brilliant. He's fantastic. Is Amazing. That's why Realmad did got rid of him. Now he said he wanted a new challenge. Wanted to keep him. He's not going to say I'm rubbish, so I've got to go somewhere worse than Real Madrid. And challenges is football speaking. Manchester City would want himnetic he get into every single thing. There's no way you're going to put a rail. I mean to be fair. Is the battle of the realm withdred rejects, because ounder guards has been rejected as well. This guy was wanted to stay. This guy is, this guy is the best defensive midfield it in world football. Well, he was. Yeah, he's all of those things, and which is amazing. Why he got offloaded by Real Madrid. Did he get uploaded that? Yes, because he's playing with Manchester United now. He wanted a new challenge in the Premier League. The only argument I have, but I agree. Casamer is a very good player and there's a lot of teams. I would have Cassamra win in any other position. I can see the other teams. Is Not proven in the premier league. Oulderguard has absolutely guards not proving him. He's played well. We're not doing it. Is something. It is Manchester United Versus Arsenal. And now in La No, it's better than have you seen padd sounds good. Casio? No, it's not going to bother. In the third one, what about? What about the what it called Bruno? I'm Casting Mirror in a game about he's got the better ring, ring to a chant. Jesper Martin, UNEGARD has less syllables. Doesn't mean he's better than Cassimera. This guy has lost the plot. Zero, zero. I'm not. I'm not and seeling over to God. There's well, I'm not considering any of the other players really, but are you having an Oh god, how can you put Oder God over the world's best? Sent to CDM. I've explained all of my reasons. I don't think you've been playing attention, otherwise you'd be apologizing right now. Alright, God then, we'll let you know. Let you know in the comment on social media, let me know on Tiktok'or put another pole out where you'll vote in the comment section. I think cassimer is pretty obvious that Cassimir is better than to be fair, I don't know why we're comparing them. Once to CDM, one's essential attacking midfielder. Okay, next one, central midfielder. Um Smith row, he please left wing? Yeah, but it's four, three, three. So a midfielder in the arsenal a...

...roster, so I'm going to play I think he's got a very good, extremely good and you've visited the arsenal failure. Sorry, you must be like every every there's Bruno Fernandez, obviously, Bruno Fernandez, frnandez. I like to keep a as I did yesterday with Liverpool, a good British backbone to the team, so hence I will stick with Smith row. Thank you very much. Oh Yeah, England is so good, but they haven't even won a European trophy. Bruno, Portugal have won the euros Brazil of one, numerous World Cup. All of my foreign players are playing for brilliant nationalities. Lands won the World Cup. Smith is not foreign player. I don't understand your point exactly, but my players are foreign and there's one way more trophy than New York players. Okay, how many? How many? How many class trophies? Has Fernandez one when to Classie Smith, for one? We've got combined total of hold on ten, Fourteen Champions Leagues in this team. Yes, and where were you a couple of weeks ago? Uh, where was Manchester United a couple of weeks ago? And tight in the in the premier league. Yeah, with things changed. They've won the last two games. They've beat in Liverpool. You guys have played. I've got a list hit of your first five game you've played. Hey, don't give you that, but that's Fulham and nine. The only reason your top league is you can't played the top class team yet like Brentford joined them. I'll give you Fernandez, just just because I'm starting to lose the world. Who's your next Senti am I reading that roight soccer. You put socker in midfield roster as a midfield where you like sacer Wudn't even get him. If you put it is your best playing what do you want to get? Three lions. I support soccer. Soccer is a very, very good player. Christian Erickson. Yes, Christian Erickson, Christian Erikson, the Christian Rickson. He's playing at the top. Soccer has had two good years in the Premier League. I've did for top united weeks time. He's played well at the bottom of the league with Brent and he's played at the top of the League, not top, with Tottenham or maybe in the lower half of the table. Erickson has shown a class with worse players around. I'm going to go so socker doesn't play in midfield. If you've got soccer in midfield, he'd shot out of every tackle. He's a cute little boy. He'll get the ball and it was one of those types of podcasts. That's that's not funny. He's a petite one. He does he'll pull get the ball, he'll get the ball, they'll do about seven step overs and they'll lose it. That's what he does. I'm getting him enough for his step over skills and his cuteness. Alright, God man. In fact, now I'm not gonna give it. If you've got socker, maybe a right wing. I might have given this to you. But at soccer of cential midfield. How he's not strong. You'll get the wall. He'll couldn't sign his left fought right. That's not...

...on this field. What is he going to do in midfield? It wasn't quite many left side of midfield. Well, he's got he's got an engine and he works hard and that's that's all you need. England player, experience in a in a major final against the best. And so what? And then he missed the penalty. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Class Act, that guy. All right, left wing, Marcus Got Martinelli. Yeah, Martinelli. Mm Hmm, I don't think it is. You know, you know I think it is. No, I don't think it is. Go on then, what? Why is Martinelli better than marks? I think he's a very good player. I think he's been very consistent, I think he's very, very strong and I think he you know, he hasn't got half of the distractions that Marcus Rashford has. What do you mean? What just he's got traction, just because he helps the kids in need, the kids. Well, I think, I think, particularly the end of last season beginning of this season. We haven't seen a lot of him. Have he scored against one of the best teams? Maybe he was absolutely stopped. Clock is right twice today. If I stand in the box long enough and the ball was going to bounce off me and going going the goals fair, I give it. Rapid was offside one. I don't know what the V A are we're doing in that. I mean V A a was supposed to get every decision right. A clear, clear, and and and what's the name? Martinelli? I think he scored one goal. I probably checked myself now, but Marcus Rashford has scored wrong goal. MHM, okay, Martinelli scored two goals. Hollo, you some more? Okay, three, three goals to one's that's a lot. What more? Have you got? A hundred? Just to you know, I'll give you this one because it's the last one you're going to get right. Wick, he's got getting off. I aren't reading that right. Don't tell him what but over Sandy, you don't even know his first name. What I do in Ketty his first names, looking at the website. Get off that Web. We don't even know his first dame this just wanted to ditch Eddie, Eddie, yeah, welcome Eddie and Ketty, Jaden Sancho, absolutely phenomenal act, one of the best talents in the league. Over a guy who was wanted by Crystal Palace and wanted to get offloaded to the championship. Don't play in the championship, okay, do another team in this championship and crystal which team? Burn was it? Yeah, if you're saying I think you make it up. Alright, we rush. was about to be offloaded to a good railway institute. Yeah, well, even if you don't have any ball knowledge, even if I was making it up, you're gonna even correct me because you don't even want. He was about to be off to go watch go, watch golf, go watch golf, because that's surely football is not for you. If you think, Eddie, and care to, he's getting in concede this one. Okay, thank you, Sancho. All right, and we'll go with the last one. While he's showing in the light of my face he's intimidated. He's intimidated by my brilliant football knowledge. Alright, this one, this is easy. The greatest football of all time or a bench one at Manchester City,...

...the greatest football of all time ten years ago. Since then, the greatest football all times. Reputation is really in the Maya, described by many as toxic, somebody who clearly does not want to be part of the team. As soon as things start to go wrong for him, he takes his boots off and he's on the next flight to Monica. If you asked Manchester United fans what if they would have finished, Ronaldo finished as a third top golf score at the age of thirty six. Most of the guys that finished that you were saying he was. He's not even the best he's got, but he's the greatest. Play it up all time. Overhaul and he and he is way past it. Not, no way, not past it, not past it might have been right the first time. I think that's what there was a Freudian slip. So I'm going to stick with I've given you a few there. I'm gonna Stick with Gabrielle. Gabrielle Hazeus, who is Gabrielle Hazeus? He was back Finnel to Aguara and he was going to be back findel to early Harland. If they haven't offloaded him. Make fifty million is an absolute boring from Manchester City, from Manchester City because they got fifty million for a guy that they are. Yeah, but you've got a guy who works extremely hard, who scored stream place. Did he scored? Yeah, funny. Ronaldo had scored eighteen goals basket player in the Premier League. I the thing. Glasses, arsenal players, players, they don't even they can't even lick the boot. Don't lace the boots of Christiana and Gabrielle want to. Gabrielle isn't even fit to lace the boots of Christian it's not liqu the boots because we won't want people players, especially at the time of covid people, licking that's not funny whatsoever. No, we're want to stick with Gabrielle Sus. Ronaldo is somebody who is has lost a lot of respect in the game. Christians current antics right, Gabrielle. Gabrielle has is. Here's a stat. Feeding Gabrielle has is to scored nine goals from Manchester, I mean goals as an older score from Manchester City. None. So there you go. Quite proven. Gabrielle Hasus. They call him Jesus for nothing. Yeah, I mean turning water into wine walking on water. There's a guy and the persecuting him. He's used to that, right, he's used to that. You, you are banned from podcasts now. If you're going to carry on doing this elite zero ball knowledge, we'll get somebody on. We'll get mom on next time out. Yeah, we really fun because you've got more ball crying to me saying I think you'd come back Daddy. It's not funny. Christiano Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time. I've said it a right. I say it right into the MIC. Sorry, warning for headphone users. Christiano Ronaldo is the best player of all time. Okay, well, I think some might say Maradonna was the best player of all time, so I'm gonna swap my Martinelli for Diego Madonna. They didn't believe for us and he's dead now. That's not funny. That's a very such a subject for many. He is a great guy to football, but you're not as Scottish Christiano Ronaldo. And even say if you've got Martin Ellie, if you've... Mara Danny, he's still not better than Christina. This was five years ago. I might agree with you, but yeah, Nasca, that this was an unknown man five years ago. He's Santos. He was playing at Santos by this Guy Wally, his fifth champion Zee. Would not agreed. Thank you. I would never agree with such a zero ball or legs guy like yourself, Christiano Ronaldo. He's been in five champion Zee, while Gabbia Jess was sat there warming the bench for the likes of Conor Guero to get ten minutes off the bend and touched the ball twice. A brilliant squad player. Oh Yeah, you're going to say, if he was coming on for ten minutes, he would have already been in the changing room doing his hair lipstick on. You are trying to compare a squad player to the great this player of all time. All right, we're gonna end it there because we're not going to agree. All right, putting your comboards, Cassimero or Oder, God and haze or Ronaldo, we're not going to agree because this guy has zeroble knowledge, but he's very stubborn. Oh Yeah, end on. What's the Liverpool Everton's corn mill and Co Code? He is just a girl. This SNF were offside, v a r awarded and then reversed. All right, and that is exactly why he's clear of Virgil Van Dyke. Anyway, I'll see you guys in the next podcast, with probably the next combined eleven or something else. Hopefully we'll get a new guest on because this guest has stuck up the GAFF. And Yeah, we'll see you guys in a bit.

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