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Episode 1 · 7 months ago

Are Liverpool untouchable at the moment?


Hi Guys and welcome to our first podcast here on the channel today we are joined with Stoke Season Ticket holder Adam where we discuss whether Liverpool are untouchable and are certainly winning the Fa Cup or can Chelsea cause an upset 

Hello guys, I'm welcome to a last minute APP whin a podcast here, and today we're joined with a special guest, Adam. Now, what team do you support? Adam? I am a stoke city supporter and season to get older right. That's that's very m that's very funny because I am also a stoke city supporter and a season ticket. Hold us. We can obviously talk a lot about stoke city. Anyway. Moving on, who is your favorite player? I'm quite fond of Tommy Smith. Tommy Smith the fallback. He's having a very good season this season with stoke. Now let's go on to talk about stokes last result. It was a terrible result. Did you go to the game? I was at the game. What a lovely, lovely, sunny, warm day. Sunshine in my face or game, but not much sunshine as far as the result goes. Yeah, not much, not much sunshine as the result goes. Anyway. Moving on to the big... this week, obviously it's another Liverpool Chelsea final. Obviously the cow about cup. Liverpool came out on top. Do you think there could be a repeat of that or Chelsea snatching it away from Liverpool? I think that's a tough one to call. Personally, I am gonna go for the logical choice, which is Liverpool, but the great magic about the FA Cup is anything can happen and I wouldn't put it beyond Thomas Too Cole and Chelsea to to snatch her a victory. Yeah, obviously Thomas Touco, you remember, took over as boss and when you're can crop left Russ your adornment. So they're both managed dormant and they both done good things at Dortmund. And I'm moving on, obviously, to the Games in the FA Cup. Obviously, man Liverpool are coming out on top of Manchester City. Three, two. I mean a big mistake from the young Lad Zach Stephen. Yeah, and it...

...shows that goalies make make make mistakes, and you know we're a goal he makes a mistake, it's usually pretty unforgiving because, especially when you've got someone with the speed and the wit of Saldiomane on the pitch, he's going to he's going to make the most of it, he's going to exploit that. But one thing I would say, which I was speaking about yesterday with someone else's that although it was three nil at halftime, I don't think there was much in it when you look at it pragmatically too. Of Liverpool Got Liverpool's goals? Yes, admittedly, cannot, as first goal was a typical Liverpool goal, a great set piece and using his is significant physical presence in the box score in the goal. But look at Saudio Morny's two goals. One was an absolute wonder goal and the other was capitalizing on the mistake by by the young lads back. He obviously talking about Ibrahemmer conate physical presence. You...

...know he's coming to his own. Recently scored in both Benfika's leg and scored against Man City and he is a real weapon from set pieces. Him and Virgil Van Dyke could score a lot of goals in the future for Liverpool. Well, it we're talking about. Can all say in version of Dyke's threat. But I think Liverpool might have other threats, other threats in the squad also. And who do you think those threats could be? Or I'm racking my brain. Let me ever think. Ooh Gosh, I can't think. I can't think. Oh yeah, I know most seller, most sellow water season. He's having top goal scorer in the premier league and that would be his third time left in that boot, obviously as shared one in two thousand...

...and eighteen and he hasn't been obviously set a record two thousand and seventeen. Two Thousand and eighteen and he's only been in. This would be his fourth season in the Premier League and he's won the Golden Boot three times now, as it looks. Or maybe somebody else might overtake him. Not sure who that person's going to be. It's but it's most likely to be another Liverpool player, whether that's Sally Amrne or dear good job to a or or silver over. Yes, anyway, moving on to other things as well. Chelsea versus around Madrid. I mean Chelsea gave it a good fight, you know, as Thomas Doushill said, they gave everything, but in the end they just didn't have as much class as Real Madrid. Another game that probably could have gone either way. Wouldn't have been surprised if Thomas tootle could have pinched it from from the the burnable, but wasn't to be. To be no...

...anyway away. Thank you, guys, for watching and see you in a next video if you want to contact us on that's minute went out. Head over to our M head over to our website in the link in our bio and and also contact us on Oh seven, four nine, six, two, hundred nine eight forty eight to or contact us on our website or on pick for Zachary at GMAILCOM BY GUYS.

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